View Feedback and Turnitin Reports on Assignments

View Feedback on Submitted Assignments

Step 1

Select Assignments on the navbar.

Step 2

Select the Read link in the Feedback column of the assignment.

Feedback Read link

Step 3

The score and any feedback the instructor gave is listed in the Feedback section of the page. Select the View Inline Feedback link to access any direct mark up on the submission. If the instructor has not directly marked up the submission, there will be no View Inline Feedback link.

Step 4

Select Done to exit the Feedback page.

View Turnitin Originality Score and Sources

Step 1

Select on Assignments in the navbar.

Step 2

Select the Submission, File link in the Completion Status column of the assignment.

Submission, File link

Step 3

The Turnitin Similarity score is listed in the Turnitin Similarity column on the page. Select the Score box to open the Feedback Studio page for more detail on the score (opens in a new tab).

Similarity Score box link


Depending on how your instructor has configured the Turnitin settings, you may not be able to view your Similarity report. If they have not chosen to display the score, you will not see a score box listed in the Turnitin Similarity Report column of the submission.

Step 4

In Feedback Studio, select the Turnitin Similarity score box on the right to expand the Match Overview.

similarity score box link

Step 6

In the Match Overview, select the match source to expand details and see where the match is located in your assignment. The selected source color and number will match the color and number of the located match in the document. In this example, the number 3 match is selected and in the document, a call out appears providing the source that matched that text with the matching text highlighted from that source.

Expanded match overview

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