Discussions Overview and FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see a Discussion?

  • Instructors decide if Discussion topics remain open or closed on a set date. If you are certain you should have access, please contact your Instructor.

Why can I see a Discussion but I cannot post or reply?

  • Instructors can set a time period for posting and/or replying to Discussion topics. Check the dates listed under the Topic name. If you are certain you should have access, please contact your Instructor.

Why do I only see my Discussion post and no one else's?

  • Instructors can set group or section restrictions on Discussion Topics. Contact your Instructor to confirm your group or section enrollment.

How do I find my Discussion posts?

  • First go to the Discussion Topic and type your name in the search box in the upper right corner and select the magnifying glass to search. All the posts you have posted or replied to will appear.

How do I edit my Discussion posts?

  • Once you've submitted your thread or reply, you aren't able to edit it. Be sure you proofread and doublecheck your post before clicking submit.  

How do I delete my Discussion posts?

  • You are able to delete a thread only if there are no replies to it. Once another user has replied, the thread cannot be deleted. 

How do I view my Discussion grade & feedback?

  • Once your instructor has assessed your thread (and any replies), you can find your grade in the gradebook, along with any feedback the instructor left (listed next to the grade). Your score and feedback can also be accessed by selecting the discussion topic; it appears below the prompt and above the table with your classmate's threads. Feedback is not the same as a reply to your discussion, which everyone in the class can read. Feedback is private, and only you and your instructor can see the grade and feedback.
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