Access D2L Course Zoom Recordings

This page will explore how to access and view a recording of a previous course Zoom meeting that has been recorded to the cloud.

Instructional Steps

Step 1

Within your D2L course, select UA Tools in the Navbar and then choose Zoom.


If you are within an Eller course you likely won't have the UA Tools option in the course Navbar. You will need to locate the Zoom link that your instructor has placed in a D2L content module. If you still can't locate it contact your instructor as they may have placed access to it elsewhere.

Step 2

Select the tab that says Cloud Recordings.

D2L Zoom integration cloud recording tab

Step 3

Select the title of the meeting of which you want to view the recording.

D2L Zoom Cloud Recording List

Step 4

Select the thumbnail image of the recording. You may see more than one option to choose from. Often times an audio-only file will also appear.

D2L Zoom Cloud Recording thumbnails

Step 5

When the recording appears, select the Play button.

D2L Zoom Cloud Recording

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