Digication is an ePortfolio tool that allows students to showcase their work online. ePortfolios are shareable to the public and are accessible to students beyond their time at UArizona.

Access the D2L Digication Training Site

Self-enroll in the D2L Digication Training Site (opens in a new tab) to learn about using Digication in your course. This Discover site offers brief introductory tutorials for both instructors and students.

Access Digication from D2L

To get started, access Digication in one of two recommended ways:

  • Select the Digication link in the UA Tools menu in the navbar of your D2L course site. If the navbar has been altered from the default, this link may not exist.

  • Locate a link to Digication in the Content area of your course site. Access Content via the navbar in your D2L course site. Locate the Digication ePortfolios topic link and select it.  If you can’t locate a link, use the Search box to find it and/or contact your instructor.


Students should access Digication for the first time via D2L through one of the two methods above to ensure that the ePortfolios are created and linked to the D2L course site properly. 

Digication can also be accessed at arizona.digication.com (opens in new tab). However, we would recommend that you access Digication via D2L for the duration of your time at UArizona.

Create, Share, and Publish Your ePortfolio

Step 1

From within your D2L course site, select Digication from the UA Tools menu in the navbar or select the Digication link in Content.

Step 2

Select the green plus button to begin creating your ePortfolio.

Plus button

Step 3

Locate the template shared with your course or the template that you would like to use and select it. Then choose the Use This Template button. 

Use This Template button

Step 4

On the following page, select the Create button.  

+Create Button

Step 5

Enter a title for your new ePortfolio in the Title field. Select the Create button again.  

Step 6

Your ePortfolio will begin processing. When processing is complete, it will display your new ePortfolio. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select the Share button and View Recommended Settings

Share and View Recommended Settings buttons

Step 7

Select Private to change it to Private within the University of Arizona

Permissions menu with Private within University of Arizona selected

Step 8

Below "Also share with specific people, group or courses", there will be two lines with your course's name. One is for instructors in your course and the other is for students. On the right-hand side, make sure that both lines have "Viewer" selected. 

Step 9

Select the Save button.

Step 10

Finally, select the Publish this Page button to allow students and instructors in your course to view your ePortfolio (accessible from the Digication ePortfolio link in D2L). 

Publish This Page button

Learn More About Digication ePortfolios

Use the following resources to build an ePortfolio, adjust sharing permissions, edit content, and publish changes.

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