Course Homepage

After selecting a course tile from your My Homepage you will land on the Course Homepage for that course. This help page explains some of the key features typically displayed on a Course Homepage.


Instructors can customize a Course Homepage, so the features described here may or may not display on a given course.

The navbar (Navigation Bar)

The navbar helps you navigate to various areas and tools within a course site.

The navbar provides links to course-specific tools such as Content, Assignments, Quizzes, and Grades. The links that display on the navbar may change from course to course, depending on how an instructor has designed the course site.


Instructors may communicate important course information throughout the semester under Announcements.


Instructors may choose to display course items such as due dates or exam dates in the Calendar widget.

Other Information on Course Homepage

Instructors can also add other information, including Course Description, Meet Your Instructor, and even the Official UArizona time to the course home page. These features will appear in various places on a Course Homepage, depending on how your instructor has designed the page.

Access the Course Homepage

To access the Course Homepage, select Course Home in the navbar. You can access the Course Homepage from anywhere within a course site (i.e., from the Assignments tool, from Content, etc.).

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