Access Gradescope from Your Course

Your instructor will create a link to the Gradescope course that corresponds to a specific assignment or exam.

Step 1

Open the Content Tool.

Step 2

Find the Gradescope topic in one of the content modules.  If you can’t find the link, contact the instructor.

Step 3

When you locate the Topic in content, select the Topic Name, which will open the assignment.

Using Gradescope in Your Course

Use the following links to learn to use Gradescope successfully in your course.

Gradescope Mobile App

You can use the Gradescope mobile app to scan in your written work and submit it to the proper Gradescope assignment with just a few clicks on your phone.  The app is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android devices (Google Play).


The Gradescope mobile app requires an OS version 13 or later for iOS devices and version 11 or later for Android devices. If your device does not meet this criteria, contact your instructor. 

Use the following links to learn about the mobile app.

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