External Webcam Set Up

In certain courses, students may be required to use external webcams for online proctored exams. The utilization of external webcams offers multiple benefits, including enhanced position flexibility. This not only helps uphold the integrity of exams but also empowers students to position the camera in a manner that safeguards sensitive information. Contact your instructor to find out if you are required to utilize an external webcam.


  • External Webcam
  • 5 feet USB cable
  • Download the required software for the external webcam.


Walmart Branded Camera (ONN) may not be compatible with most proctoring tools.

External Webcam View

Place your external webcam on either left or right side. The webcam angle should capture the side profile of your face, your desk or workspace, computer screen and keyboard. In order to accomplish this you may need to place the camera on a higher surface that is not your desk, such as an end table.

External webcam view

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