What is ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker is a cloud-based program integrated into D2L that converts text to speech. ReadSpeaker consists of two interfaces: docReader and webReader.

Open DocReader

DocReader is located in Content whenever a topic is created as a Word or PDF document.

Step 1

In Content, select the topic that you would like to view with docReader.

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Open with docReader button.

Start WebReader

WebReader is located at the top of HTML webpages in the following tools: Content, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes

Step 1

Open any Content topic, Assignment, Discussion topic, Quiz, etc.

Step 2

Select the Listen button in the ReadSpeaker interface.


Currently, WebReader will not automatically read any descriptions in Quiz Sections. You must first highlight the section text, and a ReadSpeaker toolbar will appear. This feature might not work with the Safari browser.

Adjust Settings in DocReader

Step 1

After selecting Open with DocReader, select Expand Toolbar.

Step 2

Select the Settings button.

Step 3

Adjust settings in General, Highlighting Settings, Text Mode Settings as needed.

Step 3a

If you need to clear your existing settings, select Restore Default Settings.

Step 4

Select Close.

Adjust Settings in WebReader

Step 1

After opening a Content topic, Assignment, Discussion Topic, or Quiz, select the settings menu icon (hamburger icon) in the ReadSpeaker interface.

Step 1a

Adjust Reading Voice, toggle Enlarge Text and Click and Listen on and off, enable Text Mode and Page Mask, and download mp3 from this menu.

Step 2

To adjust more detailed settings, select the Settings item in the menu.

Step 3

Use the Highlighting, Other Settings, and Shortcuts tabs to view and adjust various settings (e.g., toggle highlight on/off, highlight colors, keyboard shortcuts, etc.)

Step 3a

Use the toolbar icons to adjust Volume, Reading Speed, increase/decrease font size, and to adjust Text Mode settings.

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