View Grademark Feedback

View Feedback in Grademark from Assignments (

Step 1

Select Assignments in the navbar.

Assignment link on navbar

Step 2

Locate the assignment for which you want to view feedback and click on the link Unread in the Evaluation Status column.

Unread Link

Step 3

Select View Turnitin Online Grading in the Inline Feedback column. This takes you to the instructor feedback on web site.

View turnitin online grading link

View Feedback in Grademark from Grades (

In the Gradebook select View Turnitin Online Grading in the Comments and Assessments column to see feedback directly from the gradebook.

View Turnitin Onine Grading link


If you do not see "Unread" in the Feedback column, the instructor has not published feedback yet.  If there is no link to Grademark, that means the instructor has not entered a score for the assignment in Grademark.  In both cases, contact the instructor.

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