Sign in to Zoom Client

To join a Zoom meeting, especially a meeting that requires UArizona authentication, we recommend you be signed in to the Zoom client with your university NetID and password.

What is the Zoom client?

The Zoom client is the application that gets installed on your computer or device. It is the icon that either resides on your desktop, mobile device screen, or within your programs or applications folder on your computer.

Once you sign in you will remain signed in to the Zoom client for 30 days or until you sign out manually, whichever occurs first. As the end of the 30 days approaches you will be prompted to sign out and sign back in. Periodically, new updates to the client version may trigger the need to sign in again. Signing in to the client on a frequent basis helps keep your account licensed and avoids our account deprovision process.

Process

Step 1

Locate the Zoom client on your computer or mobile device, and double-click (on computer) or tap (on mobile device) the icon to open the application.

Zoom client icon

Step 2

The first time you open the Zoom client you may see the Zoom client welcome screen with options to join a meeting, sign up, or sign in. Select Sign In. Below are examples of what you will see on a computer and a mobile device.

Zoom client welcome interface
Zoom client on computer
Zoom mobile client welcome interface
Zoom client on mobile

Step 3

Select SSO.


Do NOT select any of the other login options as those won't work. The Google, Facebook, Apple, and email/password login entries will not work. The SSO option is the only login that will work.

The screenshots below are examples of the sign in interface on a computer and a mobile device.

Zoom client sign-in interface
Zoom client on computer

Zoom mobile client sign-in interface
Zoom client on mobile

Step 4

Enter arizona in the company domain field. Select Continue.

Zoom client SSO company domain interface

Step 5

On the UArizona WebAuth screen, enter your NetID and password in the appropriate fields and select Login. Complete the NetID+ process if prompted.

UArizona WebAuth sign-in interface

Step 6

Once you are signed in, select your profile icon and verify that you are now signed in with your UArizona email address. On a mobile device, you may have to tap the More icon to view this information.

Zoom client profile menu

Now that you are signed in, any Zoom meeting you join you will be signed in to that meeting with your university Zoom account.

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