Access Panopto

There are two different ways you can access and use Panopto on the UArizona campus. You can use it in relation to a D2L course where only those enrolled in that course will have access to your videos. You can also use it outside of D2L by signing in to Panopto's website where you will have broader sharing capabilities.

Access via D2L

Step 1

Within a web browser, navigate and log in to the D2L Homepage (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Select the appropriate D2L course from the list of My Courses.

Step 3

From the course Navbar, select UA Tools and then select Panopto Video. Some Eller courses may not utilize the UA Tools menu option in the Navbar. For those courses you will likely find the Panopto link within a particular content module.

D2L Course Navbar


Folder Creation

The first time you navigate through to Panopto from within a particular D2L course, a Panopto folder will be created for that course.

Folder Groups

Two groups are automatically created and added to permissions of the course folder (Creator and Viewer). The Creator group will include those that have the instructor role in the course roster and they will have creator permission to the folder. The Viewer group will include those that have the student role in the course roster and they will only have a viewer permission to the folder.

Access via Panopto Website

Step 1

Within a web browser, navigate to the UArizona Panopto (opens in a new tab) site.

Step 2

Make sure UA NetID is chosen within the sign in dropdown. Select the Sign in button.

Panopto sign-in interface

Once signed in, you will arrive at the Panopto Home page.

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