Panopto FAQ

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic of Panopto along with their answers.

I am receiving errors related to cookies when attempting to view a Panopto video. How do I fix this?

Panopto utilizes third-party cookies to authenticate third-party identity providers and requires that your browser accept third-party cookies. If you receive the following errors, you will need to turn on third-party cookies in your browser: 

  • Sign-in succeeded but your browser isn’t accepting cookies. Third-party cookies may be disabled.
  • Enable third-party cookies for your site in your browser, then refresh the page to continue.

For details on enabling third-party cookies in the various browsers, navigate to the links below.

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Chrome (opens in a new tab)

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Chrome on iOS (opens in a new tab)

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Firefox (opens in a new tab)

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Edge (opens in a new tab)

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Safari (opens in a new tab)

Enable Third-Party Cookies in Safari on iOS (opens in a new tab)

I am having issues viewing Panopto videos. What could cause this?  

View Panopto's Troubleshooting (opens in a new tab) support page for more information.

Why can't I see my Panopto course folder when I log into Panopto?

To see your course videos, you first need to log in to the Learning Management System (D2L) through which access to the folder is restricted. Log in to D2L, select your course, select UA Tools in the course Navbar, and select Panopto. This will lead you to the course folder.

Why does the video skip and stutter in my recordings?

Your computer has to meet minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10, 11 or latest version of macOS 

Processor/Hardware: Standard Quality: Intel i3 recommended or any Mac hardware. High or Ultra Quality: Intel i7 (4-core) or Apple M1 recommended. This recommendation does not take into account secondary sources which will require additional resources. You may experience high CPU usage depending on the number of sources and quality settings.

Memory:8 GB RAM (for PC) or 4GB RAM (for Mac)

Storage (PC):Standard Quality - 2GB per hour. High Quality - 4GB per hour

Storage (Mac): Standard Quality - 135MB per hour. High Quality - 540MB per hour

Who do I contact for support on Audio/Video issues during the Panopto recording process? 

For help, please contact

Why won't my recordings upload to the server? 

Select the appropriate Panopto folder before starting to record for automatic upload. Otherwise, choose the folder and upload manually after recording. Recordings may also fail to upload due to a network interruption or outage.

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