Manage Account Settings

Within the UArizona Zoom web portal, you can access your user account settings, where you can enable or disable various features related to your meetings and recordings. When you enable or disable a setting in the web portal, it will go into effect for all future meetings that are conducted. If you are in a meeting and you make a change to a web portal setting, you would need to end that meeting and join it again for the setting to go into effect.

For full details and descriptions on what settings you are able to adjust in the web portal, visit Zoom's support page on Changing user-level settings (opens in a new tab).

Access and Edit Account Settings

Step 1

Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Instructions at Access UArizona Zoom Web Portal.

Step 2

In the navigation menu, select Settings.

Step 3

Select the appropriate setting tab (e.g. Meeting, Recording, etc.).

Step 4

Select the toggle next to a particular setting to enable or disable it.

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