Zoom Student FAQ

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic of Zoom along with their answers.

Who has access to Zoom?

Zoom is available to all active UArizona NetID holders: faculty, staff, students, and DCCs. NetID is not required for people outside the university to attend a UArizona Zoom meeting unless university authentication is enabled for the meeting.

Can I access and use Zoom within my D2L course?

Yes, you can access and use Zoom within your D2L course by selecting the UA Tools menu in the D2L course Navbar and selecting Zoom. This is where you will find and join meetings that your course instructor has scheduled. You can also usually access your course Zoom meetings through the course calendar widget on the course homepage.

Can I access and use Zoom outside of D2L?

Yes, you can access and use Zoom outside of D2L by navigating to the UArizona Zoom Web Portal (opens in new tab) and selecting the Sign In button. You will then need to sign in with your UArizona NetID and password. Once signed in you can do things like access and adjust settings for your Zoom account, schedule and start your own meetings, and access your own meeting recordings.

Is my UArizona Zoom account a Basic or Pro license?

All active UArizona Zoom accounts under the campus account are Pro licenses. With your pro license your meetings will be able to host up to 500 participants and last for unlimited lengths of time. You will also have additional features like cloud recording and assign scheduling privilege. Pay attention to the account deprovision process which could change your account to basic if it is not active.

What if I previously had a Zoom account associated with my UArizona email address?

Your existing Zoom account associated with your UArizona email address will need to be migrated into the campus license. You will likely be prompted to migrate the first time you attempt to sign in to the UArizona Zoom web portal. If you need assistance with migrating your existing account into the campus account contact intech@arizona.edu.

What is the meeting capacity for a UArizona Zoom account?

The meeting capacity for all UArizona Zoom account users is 500 participants.

Is there a time restriction on how long a meeting can last?

No, for UArizona Zoom pro accounts there are no time restrictions on the length of meetings.

How long will my Zoom cloud recordings stay in the cloud?

The limit for the lifespan of a Zoom cloud recording stored in the cloud is 130 days and then it will be deleted. There is an integration with Panopto where by default all of your Zoom cloud recordings are automatically copied to a specific folder in Panopto. So, even when your cloud recording gets deleted from the Zoom cloud, you will still have a copy that exist in Panopto. Panopto recordings do not get deleted.

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