What is Honorlock?

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Honorlock (opens in a new tab) is an online proctoring service that facilitates remote exams for students. The University of Arizona has contracted Honorlock to ensure the integrity and fairness of online assessments. When your instructor chooses to incorporate Honorlock into your course, key information will be available on your course homepage, including the Syllabus Introduction, Privacy and Security (opens in a new tab) details, and a Student Guide. Additionally, your instructors will specify which exams will require the use of online proctoring. To begin your exam, you can easily access Honorlock through the provided link on your D2L course page.

To ensure the legitimacy of your exam, an authentication process is initiated at the exam's outset. For this step, you will need a physical ID, such as your CatCard or a government-issued ID. Honorlock primarily relies on AI-based monitoring, employing algorithms to detect any suspicious behavior during the exam. In the event of a potential violation, a live proctor may be alerted to provide immediate intervention.

Throughout the exam, all your actions, audio, and video are meticulously recorded. These recordings are later reviewed by your instructor or institution to confirm compliance with the exam's integrity guidelines. It's important to adhere to these rules, as any violation could result in your disqualification from the exam. Remember, Honorlock's purpose is to maintain the fairness and credibility of online assessments.

If you have any concerns or questions about using Honorlock, don't hesitate to discuss them with your instructor or institution.

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