Honorlock: Student Guide

In this class, you will take your tests remotely and will be proctored by Honorlock. You DO NOT need to create an account or schedule an appointment in advance, and the tool is available 24/7. As a reminder, you must meet the System Requirements to successfully use the tool. Lastly, it is a requirement that you present a valid physical form of ID. (e.g. CatCard, driver's license, passport, or any government issued ID).

Access Honorlock

All users must access Honorlock from the link in their D2L course. The Honorlock link is usually found under UA Tools in the course's Navbar.

Step 1

From the course's Navbar, select UA Tools then select Honorlock.

Honorlock link

Download Chrome Extension

Before being allowed to access Honorlock, you must download the Honorlock Chrome Extension.


It is recommended that you remove the Honorlock extension after every exam.

Step 1

Select the box to agree to the Terms of Service and select Get Started.

Add honorlock chrome extension

Step 2

The chrome web store will open, select Add to Chrome.

Honorlock add to chrome

Begin Authentication

Before accessing any exam, you must complete the authentication process. The Honorlock dashboard will display only those exams that require the tool. The launch button may be activated for multiple exams, regardless of their respective exam windows. Although you may not access all exams listed, you can initiate the authentication process for any exam with an enabled launch button. Therefore, please only launch the exam you intend to take.

Step 1

Select Launch for the exam you intend to take.

Step 2

Read and agree to the Data Collection & Use policy (opens in a new tab) and Honorlock's Terms of Serivce (opens in a new tab).

Data Collection & Use

Step 3

Review Your Exam Guidelines, select Run System Check if necessary, when ready select Launch Proctoring.

Step 4

If your instructor has enabled the use of BrowserGuard, you will be prompted to close all non-exam tabs, select Close Tabs.

Browser check

Step 4a

Read the functionalities that will be disabled when BrowserGuard is enabled. When ready select Continue.

Functionalities disabled by BrowserGuard

Step 5

Read Honorlock's Privacy Details, when ready select I understand.

Privacy details

Step 6

You will be prompted to take a photo of yourself. Center your face on your webcam and select Take Photo.

Take face photo


If you have not used Honorlock previously, you will be required to allow Honorlock access to your camera and microphone in order to proceed.

Step 7

Read the ID Verification Instructions. When ready select Continue.

ID verification instructions

Step 7a

Next, verify your ID. Hold your photo ID to the frame and select Take ID Photo.

Take ID photo


A physical form of ID is required to proceed. A CatCard or government issued ID is sufficient. If you are unable to present a physical ID, contact your instructor.

Step 8

Read the steps you'll need to follow to share your screen, when ready select Continue.

Screen share instructions

Step 8a

To share your screen, select your screen and the select Share.

Screen share

Begin Exam

Step 1

Authentication is now complete, select Focus Test Window to return to your exam.

Focus test window button

Step 2

Prior to beginning your exam, take a moment to review your on-screen camera view and make any adjustments as needed. Confirm that you are centrally positioned and comfortable with all the elements visible on your screen. When you are ready, select Start Exam.

Start exam button

Remove Chrome Extension

Honorlock frequently updates its extension, so it's advisable to uninstall the Honorlock Chrome Extension. This ensures that the next time you use the tool, you'll download the latest version of the extension.

Step 1

In your Google Chrome browser, copy the link chrome://extensions/.

Step 2

From the list of extensions, find Honorlock and select Remove.

Remove honorlock

Honorlock Support

For assistance, email support@honorlock.com or chat directly with support via the Live Chat feature on the Honorlock dashboard.

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