Honorlock: Standard Exam Guidelines

As you prepare for your upcoming exams, read Honorlock's exam guidelines, as you will be responsible for knowing and adhering to them. These guidelines are essential for maintaining a fair and consistent testing environment. However, it is crucial to note that instructors may choose to supplement these standards with additional guidelines specific to their courses.

Testing Area:

  • Lighting in the room must be bright enough to show the student's face and the surrounding area in a clear and detailed manner. 
  • Students should be seated at a desk or table. Laying down in bed or elsewhere when taking the exam is not allowed.
  • Students should clear their desk or table of all other materials (e.g., books, papers, notebooks, calculators, etc.) 
  • No visible writing on the desk or walls is permitted.
  • All third-party programs and windows (websites, Excel, Word, etc.) on the testing computer must be closed before logging into the proctored test environment. 
  • Loud music, television, or other distractions playing in the background are prohibited. 
  • No other people or parties aside from the exam taker is permitted near the testing environment, and all communication between the exam taker and other people is prohibited.

Testing Behavior:

  • Students must not leave the room during the testing period at any time or take the computer into another room without Honorlock's permission.
  • No breaks will be permitted.
  • Use of hats, hoodies, headsets, or earplugs is prohibited.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited.
  • The student's face must remain within view of the camera at all times.
  • Honorlock will not add additional time for proctoring questions or technical issues encountered during the exam.
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