Accessibility and VoiceThread

In the summer of 2024, VoiceThread will be disabling Legacy VoiceThread. New VoiceThread, VoiceThread with an overhauled user interface designed with accessibility in mind, is currently available at the University of Arizona on an opt-in basis. New VoiceThread will work right out of the box with screen readers.

Here’s a detailed list of all accessibility enhancements within New VoiceThread:

  • All buttons and fields are labeled correctly.
  • Automated alt text is generated for documents and PDFs.
  • Field to enter alt text manually for images and other visual media.
  • Option to add audio descriptions to slides.
  • Text comment resizing options.
  • Zoomable interface.
  • WCAG 2.0 AA contrast for all interface elements, including closed captions.
  • Full text transcripts of all captioned content.

To opt-in to New VoiceThread, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to UArizona VoiceThread (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Login with NetID and password if necessary.


For detailed instructions on getting logged into UArizona VoiceThread, please visit the Log Into VoiceThread help page.

Step 3

Select the drop-down with your email address and identity image.

VoiceThread Identity Image Dropdown

Step 4

Select Display Preferences.

Step 5

From the Decide how you would like to start using New MyVoice section, select the radio button for Use New VoiceThread.

Step 6

Select Save.

To learn more about the antiquated VoiceThread Universal, please visit the VoiceThread Universal (opens in a new tab) help pages.

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