What Is VoiceThread?

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VoiceThread is a web-based, interactive collaboration and storytelling tool that allows users to compile a variety of media such as images, videos, audio clips, presentations, and documents into a presentation. With VoiceThread, conversations may take place in real-time or asynchronously through contributed comments made by microphone, text, webcam video, or uploaded audio/video files. Think of VoiceThread as an interactive PowerPoint presentation in which discussions can be had over the content of each slide.

Some common VoiceThread uses

  • Student/Instructor Introductions
  • Student-driven Presentations
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Language Assessment
  • Musical Proficiency Assessment
  • Medical Procedure Practice
  • No-Schedule Office Hours
  • Asynchronous Meetings


Another feature of VoiceThread is Assignment Builder. Assignment Builder allows your instructors to create assignments with specific slide and comment requirements. For more information about Assignment Builder, please visit the Assignment Builder Student Tutorials help page.

For a more in-depth introduction to VoiceThread, please visit the Introduction to VoiceThread help page.

Here's a VoiceThread! Feel free to try it out and leave a comment and add a slide!

A VoiceThread

For information about browser requirements, please visit VoiceThread's Browser requirements (opens in a new tab) help page.

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