Create a VoiceThread

To create a new VoiceThread, follow the steps below.

Instructional Steps

Step 1

Navigate to UArizona VoiceThread (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Select Sign in from the VoiceThread Homepage navbar.

Step 3

Log in with NetID and password if necessary.


For more information about getting logged into UArizona VoiceThread, please visit the Log Into VoiceThread help page.

Step 4

Select Create from the VoiceThread navbar.

Step 5

Select the Add Media button, or drag and drop files onto the browser window.

Step 6

Choose the type of slide you would like to add to the presentation and select the associated button. The options include:

  • My Computer (browse your computer's files and select a file to upload to the presentation)
  • Media Sources (import files from another VoiceThread, Flickr, or Google Drive)
  • Audio Recording (create a slide of an audio recording)
  • Webcam Photo (create a slide using a picture taken with your webcam)
  • Webcam Video (create a slide using a video taken with your webcam)
  • URL (create a video slide using a URL for something like a YouTube video)


For more information about the VoiceThread accepted file types, please visit the VoiceThread File types accepted (opens in a new tab) help page.

Step 7

Once you have created a slide, a Thread Settings pop-up window will appear. Enter a name for the VoiceThread into the Title field. Optionally, you can enter a Description that will appear later when you mouse-over the VoiceThread on the VT Home Page, and Tag the VoiceThread for organizational purposes. Additionally, you may select different Playback Options or Cover Art for the VoiceThread, but these settings may also be changed later.


For more information about Playback Options and Cover Art, visit the Playback Options and Cover Art help page.

Step 8

When you have finished configuring the Thread Settings, select Save.

Step 9

If you would like to add comments to the VoiceThread, select the Comment button.


For more information about VoiceThread commenting, please visit the Comment on a VoiceThread help page.

Step 10

If you would like to share the VoiceThread, select the Share button.


For more information about VoiceThread Sharing, please visit the VoiceThread Sharing help page.

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