What is Canvas Credentials?

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Canvas Credentials (previously known as Badgr) is a platform that gives issuers the ability to deliver and manage digital badges that are sharable, stackable, and portable. UArizona offers Canvas Credentials to university units for designing and issuing digital badges based on clear evidence and criteria. Learners who earn these badges can claim them through Canvas Credentials and share them on various platforms and networks, such as social media and resumes.


This platform was recently renamed to Canvas Credentials. You will notice the old name (Badgr) in some of the help documentation. The old name will also continue to be in UARizona's website address. This change will not impact any UArizona accounts.

UArizona's Canvas Badges platform offers some great benefits:

Badges are verified: All badges awarded through UArizona's Canvas Badges platform have been vetted by the Alternative Credentials Coordinator to ensure that badge issuers have sufficiently met the program requirements for issuing micro-credentials. To learn more about the process, please visit the Office of the Registrar's Micro-Credentials & Digital Badges (opens in new tab) website. 

Badges are shareable: Digital badges are embedded with data that verifies your skills and achievements and are branded to emphasize our UArizona official colors and logos. Proudly share these badges with colleagues and potential employers! Built-in sharing buttons make Canvas Badges easy to share on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. To learn more about sharing badges on social media, please visit Sharing badges on social media (opens in new tab).

Lifetime badge storage:You have access to Canvas Badges Backpack, a lifetime online storage that stays with you after graduating or leaving UArizona. This storage can be used to store any future badges you earn from thousands of issuers throughout your academic and professional career. To learn more about the Canvas Badges Backpack, please visit Using the Canvas Badges Backpack (opens in new tab).

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