Access Your Canvas Badges Backpack

Step 1

Using a web browser, go to UArizona’s Canvas Badges platform and log in with your UArizona NetID: UArizona's Canvas Badges platform (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Select the small down arrow menu beside the University of Arizona near the top left corner of your screen.

Step 3

A drop-down list of options will appear. Select Canvas Badges Personal to go to a new screen, then select the Backpack tab to see where you can store and organize digital badges:

Canvas Badges Personal

Once logged in, we highly recommend that you add a personal email address to your Backpack so you can continue using it after graduating or leaving the university. Instructions for adding an email to your Canvas Backpack account (opens in new tab).

More information: Using the Canvas Badges Backpack (opens in new tab)

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