What is PlayPosit?

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PlayPosit takes the passive experience of simply watching a video and adds active learning components to make the same video an interactive and engaging experience. Instructors can use videos on streaming services like Panopto, Youtube, or Vimeo, and add points of interaction such as multiple choice or true/false questions, reflective pauses, polls, discussions, and more. This gives students an opportunity to engage with the video, while reflecting on the knowledge gained from the lesson. PlayPosit’s term for an interactive video is a "Bulb" - think of it like a light bulb that inspires learners!

PlayPosit is available to all active UArizona NetID holders: faculty, staff, students, and DCCs.


Graduate Students can access a PlayPosit instructor dashboard based on their role in the D2L course. Please see Access PlayPosit Instructor Account for Graduate Students for instructions on how to access.

A PlayPosit Bulb


Please open this page in a Private Browser/Incognito Window if you receive an Unauthorized Preview or blue screen error message when trying to view the bulb.

Student PlayPosit Tutorial: Please enter a name to gain access to the Bulb. This Bulb describes the basics of PlayPosit for students.

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