Complete PlayPosit Bulbs to Sync Your Grade

If your course is using PlayPosit, Bulbs (the interactive videos) should be embedded in the D2L course site where you can access them. Bulbs will require the following actions.

Play the bulb: Press the playback button and watch the bulb like any streamed video. 

Respond to the questions (interactions): When the video automatically pauses, you will be prompted to complete an interaction, which could be questions, polls, discussions, and so on.

Complete the bulb: Remember to watch the Bulb to the very end in order to get credit.

To complete a Bulb, answer all of the required questions in the Bulb and watch the Bulb until the end. When the Bulb is complete, the sidebar will automatically open and show the assignment score and the message, Complete! Also a green toast message will confirm the grade has successfully synced to D2L. The message reads, Successfully Exported Grades.

PlayPosit complete message

The sidebar will also show any interaction that requires the instructor to manually grade the answers. Please note that if there are some questions that need manual grading, your score will be updated after the instructor grades those interactions. For more details, please visit PlayPosit Knowledge Base: Complete a Bulb and syncing grades (opens in a new tab).

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