What is Examity?

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Examity (opens in a new tab) is a remote proctoring solution that allows you to take online exams while being monitored. The University of Arizona has adopted this tool to safeguard the academic honesty of online evaluations. When your instructor opts for Examity key information will be available on your D2L course page, including the Syllabus Introduction, Privacy and Security (opens in a new tab) details, and a Student Guide. Additionally, you will be informed of which exams will require the use of online proctoring. To begin your exam, you can easily access the Examity link provided in your D2L course page.

To begin, a crucial step is authentication, for this you must present a physical form of ID such as, your Cat Card or a government-issued ID. Your instructor may configure Examity in one of two ways:

  • A live proctor who monitors your exam in real-time through your webcam, or
  • An AI system may be in place, using algorithms to identify any suspicious behavior.

Throughout the exam, your actions, audio, and video are meticulously recorded. These recordings are later reviewed by your instructor or academic institution to ensure your adherence to the exam's integrity guidelines. This stringent process is in place to maintain the fairness and credibility of online assessments.

If you have any concerns or questions about using Examity, don't hesitate to discuss them with your instructor or institution.

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