What is Top Hat?

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Top Hat is a web-based, interactive, learning tool and the University of Arizona's student response system. Top Hat is available for free to all faculty, staff, and students and offers many features to increase student engagement and content retention. Instructors can create and present their content a web-browser or Top Hat's Presentation Tool, while learners can participate from a web-browser, or the Top Hat - Better Learning app. Top Hat can be used to:

    • Create live or asynchronous polling content
    • Create anonymous surveys and polls.
    • Upload slides to create interactive lectures
    • Automate attendance
    • Sync grades to D2L

Top Hat efficiently gathers student responses, providing instructors with a quick overview of student comprehension that can be utilized to enhance discussions, class interactions, LMS content, and more. Top Hat's easy-to-use, web-based platform is the perfect tool for student interaction in the classroom, and online.


Top Hat is free-to-use for all University of Arizona faculty, staff, students, and DCCs. To learn more about Top Hat, please visit our student help pages below:


For Top Hat support, please contact Top Hat by emailing support@tophat.com or our UCATT Instructional Technology team at intech@arizona.edu.

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