Playback Options and Cover Art

Changing Playback Options and Cover Art

Playback options are the controls that dictate how a VoiceThread behaves when someone is interacting with it. Cover Art is the graphical image representation that a VoiceThread user will first see when the VoiceThread is shared with them, or embedded into a webpage. Upon creating a VoiceThread, a prompt will appear where the Playback Settings, Title, Description, Tags, and Cover Art can all be configured. However, these settings can be changed at any time on a VoiceThread that you have editor permissions or are the creator of. To change the Playback Options and Cover Art on your VoiceThread, follow the subsequent steps.

Step 1

Locate the VoiceThread on the VoiceThread Home Page (opens in a new tab) you would like to edit the settings of.


For more information on locating a specific VoiceThread, please visit the Locate a VoiceThread help page.

Step 2

Select Edit on the VoiceThread.

VoiceThread Edit Button

Step 3

Select the add a title and description or the add cover art clickable links, either of these will open the same settings window.

VoiceThread Add a Title and Description and Add Cover Art buttons

Step 4

In the window that appears, select the Playback Options tab.

Step 5

Toggle the individual Playback Settings you would like to turn on or off, and then select the Save button to apply the new settings.

  • Enable threaded commenting - Allows users to reply directly to one another.
  • Allow commenters to add slides to this VoiceThread - All users can add slides to the VoiceThread.
  • Allow others to download original media - Users can download assets like images and videos used in the VoiceThread slides.
  • Allow others to export - Users can export the VoiceThread and its assets into a video format.
  • Start playing when opened - The first comment or slide begins playing as soon as a user opens the VoiceThread.
  • Allow others to make a copy - Users can make a copy of the VoiceThread to their own VoiceThread Home Page which they will become the owner of.
  • Enable Comment Moderation - Hides comments from everyone but the owner of the VoiceThread and the person leaving the comment unless the comment is manually unhidden by the owner of the VoiceThread.
  • Automatically advance to the next slide after x seconds - Once all comments have played on a slide, the VoiceThread will automatically advance to the next slide after the chosen amount of time.
  • Don't allow comments to delete their own comments - Users will not be able to delete their comments once they have been committed to the VoiceThread.
  • Limit each comment to minutes and x seconds - Users can only leave a comment for the dictated length of time per comment.
  • When recording, go to the next slide every x minutes and seconds - When a user is recording a comment on a VoiceThread, the slides will automatically advance at the specified time as the user is commenting.
  • Allowed Comment Methods
    • Microphone - Allows users to comment by microphone.
    • Webcam - Allows users to comment by webcam.
    • File Upload - Allows users to upload audio and video files as comments.
    • Text - Allows users to leave text comments.


For more information on VoiceThread Commenting, please visit the Comment on a VoiceThread help page.

Step 6

Select the Cover Art tab.

Step 7

Select Upload cover art and browse your computer for an image you would like to use as the Cover Art for the VoiceThread, and select the Save button.

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